More stock training today so naturally it snowed again.

Today was good fun, we are moving more into the part I like which is having the train broken and we get to fix it. We still have a dose of theory in the classroom in the morning but we spend the majority of the day fooling around with a train.

Something I like about learning stock and defect handling is that the trainers are always happy to go over things until we fully understand. And once we’ve got to the end of the defect they’ll have a pause so we can ask questions about bits we didn’t quite get. It is most gratifying to be able to ask a question about underpinning knowledge and have a stock trainer flounder for a bit and then admit they don’t know but they’ll try to find out for tomorrow. It is exceptionally hilarious when this happens three times in an afternoon. It wasn’t intentional on my part, it’s just that I really do like to figure out how it all works and if I can’t see how something fits in I’ll ask. This seems to inevitably lead to my asking something so completely obscure that a grizzled ninety-year-old who originally did stock on a shire horse must be dug out to find out the answer.

At one point I was declared the leader. I enquired why and was told it was because I had a particular key handy and therefore I could walk at the front and lead us through the train to the problem which I could then solve. I enquired further as to whether my being the leader meant that I was directing things. This was confirmed and I swiftly passed my key to another driver and dropped to the rear where I directed the group to start walking. It’s amazing what you can get away with if you are quick enough to do it before anyone else has quite worked out what is going on. 😉

Forecast for tomorrow: snow, probably.