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After being amused yesterday at my stock trainer being unable to answer my questions I found myself on the other side today when I was completely baffled by one of the routines to fix a defect. I still don’t completely get it but I think that’s more about my tendency to drill right down into issues and find the most minute possibilities of what is inconsistent with them. Happily, this doesn’t actually affect whether I learn it or not. I can still do the procedure even if I don’t fully understand why I’m doing things in a certain order. This is less desireable than full understanding but often it takes time on the handle before a driver can connect the dots on some defects. It’s all very well understanding the theory but a little practical experience in-service creates huge leaps in understanding of how systems interconnect. So I’m not remotely worried about this one. (Actually I suspect I’ll get it as part of my practical exam given how puzzled I was by it today 😀 ).

We are spending less time in the classroom and more on the trains now which is good but I think we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed by the learning. LUL is no different to any other company right now and needs to save money. Often they do this by cutting training to the bare bones. While I think this policy is foolish given the industry we are in, it’s just something that has to be coped with. Even before stock courses were drastically shortened there was a degree of study at home – now I’ll just have to do more. While I’m still reasonably proficient in working out how to fix defects* there’s still a lot I’m feeling unfamiliar with. It doesn’t help that the trainers are blitzing through subjects and each day is something different. This doesn’t give us any time to consolidate what we’ve already learnt and I know the rest of the group are often scrabbling around for answers as much as I am. I suspect much of my weekend will be spent quietly going through systems so that they get lodged in my brain.

*ahem* Except for once today when I methodically worked through every possible cause of a stalled train without any assistance from my classmates and then had some sort of electrical defect with my brain which led me to take the one action that would have HMRI asking some fairly sarcastic questions. I will just point out that I *did* get the train moving again just…not in an entirely safe manner. But it moved!…Your Honour…