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So is torrential rain better or worse than snow? It was so bad today that we insisted that we only be trained on defects which can be repaired *inside* the train. šŸ˜€

This morning we got back our self-assessment books which we’d handed in on Monday. I seem to be doing OK on the written side of things and with regard to underpinning knowledge. On Thursday we get our written test but if my self-assessment tests are anything to go by I’ll pass that with no problems.

Fixing defects seems OK too. There is always a point in stock training where everything falls into place and you can see how entire trains work. I now spend my time asking fewer questions and more just frowning at the floor and waving my hands in the air while I work out the answers myself. There are a few bits I’m less clear on including one fairly major defect but I’m unconcerned as we are going over those tomorrow and it’s one I had on my last stock. I think my main problem with transitioning is remembering the minor differences between the old stock and the new and not just applying an old fix to a similar defect.

When it came to practical handling of defects today I was fine and zipped through my one and only defect. Technically the group were taking it in turns to solve a defect alone but the trainer skipped over my second one and gave it to someone else. I suspect because he knew I was ok with what we were working on and that some of the others in the group might not have those systems nailed yet. This might have made my head swell just a teensy bit…