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We had our stock tests on Thursday and Friday and aside from the usual Driveritis* for everyone they went well and we all passed. In an amazing stroke of good luck the heavens opened on Thursday when we were supposed to be doing defects which generally entail bouncing in and out of a train half a dozen times to cut various bits of equipment in and out so that other things can be tested. I’ll admit that doing this in a downpour does not, on the face of it, sound very fortunate but if you get enough of a downpour it is. The rain was so heavy that it reached the point where the trainers have to consider the safety of people slithering out and scrambling back in again given that we are surrounded by live rails. So we were saved a lot of climbing and effort by just talking through what we’d do out there, accurately describing the relevant equipment and occasionally leaning out the train and pointing at stuff. Naturally when we came to Friday and defects which can mostly be fixed from inside the train it was a beautiful day. 🙂

Today was fun as I am doing road training which involves learning the routes and how best to handle the train. Luckily my IO is fun which makes it easy to bomb up and down the line and learn how things work. Even if I *did* go a smidgen over the speed limit when we were running back to the depot on an empty train. Turns out that this stock winds up remarkably smoothly!

*Driveritis: a peculiar disorder whereby somebody who is perfectly competent on the road sits in a cab under test conditions and realises they know nothing about trains. The cure is to roll a fag. This cure applies even if the driver in question does not smoke as the purpose of the exercise is to wait for a couple of minutes until the driveritis has passed at which point the defect can be remedied.