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As I finished work reasonably early today I decided to take a trip to the zoo with my camera. There’s a bus that runs from near Regents Park up to the zoo and being as I was at Warren St and it was about to start raining I decided to catch another bus along the road. So I lurked at the stop on Euston Road and took the first bus that came – this happened to be an 88 to Clapham Common.

Off we set westbound and presently came to a road just before Great Portland St Station. Here the bus peeled off to the left and headed behind the station as was expected. I figured I’d better get off at the next stop and dinged the bell. At this point I noticed this poster and guessed that clearly, somebody is not a morning person.

Then the bus took an unexpected turn and looped right to go around the other side of Great Portland St Station. As I tried to figure out where the bus stop was likely to be in this direction the bus once again turned right. We now headed along Euston Rd eastbound and despite me and another passenger ringing the bell again not stopping at the designated bus stop there.

Once we got to the junction with Tottenham Court Rd we cut right then left so as to run along the front of UCLH. Then right and right again to run along the back of UCLH. I suppose if you are going to do a job then do it thoroughly although I would just point out that letting the confused passengers off at some point is good for extra brownie points.

After that we turned right again and up Tottenham Court Road before swinging left for a change onto Euston Rd. By this time there was constant ringing of the bell and passengers shouting at the driver to let them off but he was a dedicated sort and had set his mind to driving his bus and nothing would budge him on this. We did briefly slow down as we sailed past the bus stop I’d originally got on at but presumably the driver didn’t want to stop there as he’d already done that one. Notwithstanding this impeccable logic I waited til he stopped in traffic and then used the emergency buttons to open the doors and exit. Several passengers leapt off after me and the bus zoomed off leaving us to ask one another what the hell that had been about.

After that I decided that the rain wasn’t too heavy and it’s a nice walk through Regents Park anyway. Zoo pics coming soon!