I had my road test today. This entails going out with an assessing DMT and with an instructor (who is just there in case I totally screw up and he needs to take over). And then we basically drive up and down the line and in and out of depots until the DMT is satisfied I can drive to a good enough standard to be let loose on my own. This all takes a few hours and after that there is an oral exam and after that there is much paperwork to deal with and after that I went home early.

Tomorrow is what is known as my Sweat Day. So called because once a new driver is on their own and suddenly having to deal with everything by themselves they get very nervous and sweat buckets. Given that I’m not new to the job and used to most of the things which might occur I’m not particularly nervous. Dealing with passengers, defects and service problems is pretty much the same no matter which line you are on. I’m spare turn which means I don’t have an actual driving duty but I’m sure I’ll be sent out to get some handle-turning done. I’m very much looking forward to being able to drive a train on my own again. 🙂