Well today was my first day driving alone over here. It started badly but then improved and I went the traditional route of leaving chaos in my wake. So not a bad start then.

Despite being scheduled for a much later start I woke at 5am with my proto-wisdom teeth protesting hugely. I stumbled around for a bit hoping that painkillers would be useful and then remembered an older solution. So in a freak break with tradition I decided to put alcohol in my mouth a few hours before I started work. I think I’m still within the rules if I’m not actively drinking it and rubbing it on my gums certainly numbed things enough for me to go back to sleep! I bought some bonjela later. Bonjela is my new best friend. 🙂

When I went to work later I was feeling much better and the driving was nice. Although the instructors are all nice it’s lovely to get some peace and quiet to drive again. And the usual clarion call of the Underground was in full force with any line I touched swiftly experiencing severe delays. Happily for me this always happened just after I had passed so it was other people having to deal with the mess and not me. I did feel the increasingly apocalyptic weather was a bit much though. Mind you, storms just as you enter a tunnel section is much more preferable than the opposite.

After a bit of driving I had lunch and sat around reading. Ideally new drivers are eased in fairly gently to try to reduce the likelihood of them feeling overwhelmed and cocking up. So I was told to wait for a while and they might have something else for me later. As it turned out I was very surplus to requirements so I didn’t go out again. I saw three of my instructors though and they all came over to check I was ok now that I’d passed out and to tell me to feel free to come and ask them if I wasn’t sure about anything. This is something I like about LUL: drivers look out for other drivers and from day one I felt I could ask any other driver a question and not be laughed at for being a tard. 🙂