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An engineering train derailed today. This made me laugh lots. Not so much for the derailment itself but because the whole event is beautifully typical of how engineering trains are driven. The drivers are crazy people and zoom around having a blast and avoiding trouble by the skin of their teeth. Yes, I’d like to be one when I grow up. πŸ˜‰

One of the funniest bits about this whole thing is that there doesn’t appear to be anything down there to derail on. I spent quite some time chatting with a manager who has been chatting with many other managers and nobody can figure it out. No points, no sharp curves, no nothing. I’m sure time will tell.

And one of the other funniest bits was when I went into town after work and had to come home via the District. The driver kept using the phrase “planned emergency engineering works” over the PA while I tried to keep a straight face. Generally, we try not to rip things up like that through the week. πŸ˜€