Those of you who know me know that I love playing those little online games. Especially physics puzzlers. There is nothing to beat sitting down for half an hour to solve a bunch of interesting problems for a little feelgood buzz.

Of course, sometimes it’s not just the game itself which is the fun part. Yesterday I found *this*. It’s a cute little game and not too difficult. But the real joy of playing is the little jingle you get whenever you complete a level. It’s almost a self-scoring game in that you don’t care what points you get because the little jingle is wonderful enough on its own.

There’s also some very nice jazz going on during the game and even if it’s not your thing, I’d recommend playing on to the end because the ending music is great too. Heck, even the jingle that plays when you fail a level is cute and funny. It’s the little touches like this which really make a game. 🙂