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Sometimes passengers do the oddest things. Mostly it’s just them going about their usual business and that business just so happens to be at odds with my version of normal. I tend to think ‘what?’ then close up the doors and get on with my day. And then there’s other times. Other times it just ain’t that simple.

I picked up a load of football supporters today and although it was only mid-morning they were all in a cheery, shouty mood. So much so that whenever they saw someone interesting they broke the first rule of London commuting and interacted with them. One such a person I cannot properly identify but will just point out that they were dressed entirely in bright orange, floaty robes and had an L-plate on. Gender unclear and they didn’t strike me as being the usual type of bridal party so perhaps something to do with the football (do Swindon wear orange? I know they weren’t Millwall).

This person was swanning around the platform doing some sort of ballet. Which is inappropriate when a train is entering but Top Entertainment when I’m sitting around waiting for people to board. And so interesting was this person that the Millwall fans decided to drag them aboard. This person apparently objected to the plan although not too hard. For a while the Millwall fans tried to lure the Learner aboard with enticing gestures. Learner flitted back and forth teasing the fans with their orangey-coloured glory. Until the obvious happened and the Learner got just too close and was pounced on by the fans. Who then tried to drag him/her aboard. Our plucky Learner wasn’t having any of it and wriggled free. Now bear in mind that the Learner at no point dropped the ballet moves and once they had gracefully struggled free they pirhouetted off down the platform to safety.

The whole thing made me giggle like a muppet.

Unfortunately I was halfway through an announcement at the time. 😀