*ring ring*

Me: Hello?

Manager: Was that you I saw just driving past?

Me: Um….no…

Hang on, I have to stop at this point and explain something. This manager is a friend of mine. And being as we both work for an organisation that operates on the wrong side of the ground it is entirely natural that we do other things bass ackwards as well. This would be a case in point. If this manager sees a train whizz by and has a suspicion that it was me driving he will immediately call my mobile. As we are not supposed to use our personal mobiles while driving (unless there are very unusual circumstances) then if I don’t answer he knows it was me. Clear? Good.

Manager: Oh, ok then.

Me: Wait, where are you then if you thought I drove past you?

Manager: I’m at your depot. I had to trek all the way over here to have a meeting.

Me: *giggle* Oh.

Manager: Why, where are you?

Me: I’m sitting at your desk.