A whistle would have been nice today. Whistles come as standard on trains as you might expect. They’re sorta useful for telling people to get out of the way as you hurtle relentlessly towards them.

However, they do not come as standard for traindrivers who are having a hurtle-ette whilst on roller skis. This, I fear is an oversight as a whistle would come in right handy at such a time. And not just to get people out of the way. I hear that a whistle is an essential requirement if one wishes to be rescued at sea. Well ok, a big lake. But still.

In reality I probably wasn’t going fast enough to land in the lake but there turns out to be a lot to concentrate on when roller skiing and if there was anyone in the way then we were pretty much all going down. Fortunately the people of Hyde Park seem to have more sense and kept well clear of the small group of break-dancing skiers. πŸ˜€