There was a small flurry of news articles earlier this week discussing the timing of switching UK radio over to digital. Apparently there is a relatively low uptake of digital radio and the government feels that people are unconvinced of the superior quality of digital radio and are afraid of new technology.


The reason I’ve so far rejected a digital radio is that they all look rubbish. It’s 2010 but every manufacturer seems to be obsessed with the 1950s and styles their radios accordingly. What is up with that? Why did the design stutter in that era? There’s very little I like about the 50s stylewise. It’s all MEGA COLOURS and curves or metalandwood with design which screams to be looked at.

I just want a radio. A small radio which will sit in a corner and be ignored until I want to use it. A radio which won’t pretend to be from another time. A radio that looks as though it was made last year and it was. A radio which doesn’t need to stand out from the crowd and gleam under gasps of admiration because let’s face it, radios ain’t new and they don’t need to be admired.

Now, I know that it’s possible to get radios like this. But the last time I looked they cost ridiculous amounts compared to the 50s monstrosities on offer. I have looked periodically and I shall probably do so again soon. But until I find a design which matches my 2010 life I won’t buy. I’ll just continue to fiddle with the dial every time I want to change station and I’ll put up with the slight static because analogue works well enough and they’ve had long enough to work out how to design something decent.