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It’s taken me a few days to muster up the moxy to post this. Last week’s Dear Diary entry was embarrassing enough but this one takes things that extra step. Or several extra steps. Oh well, here goes…

My last train of the day was to be driven into a siding and then taken back to the depot for it’s daily inspection. This seems an easy enough task as it removes the trickiest part of driving, namely the passengers.

So into the siding I went. I was pondering Deep Thoughts at the time* and stood gazing into space for a few minutes as I reached the siding for my train of thought (heh). Then I shut down the train, grabbed my bag and strolled up the train to the other end.

When I got there I was puzzled by a little light being on. It’s not normally on in a dead cab. I peered closely and read the label. ‘Other Cab On’. Gah! I patted my pockets in bewilderment and sighed – I only had two of my three keys.

Clearly I had not shut down properly and had left the electrics activated in the other cab. Sighing, I dumped my stuff and trudged back through the train. Forgetting a key is annoying because it involves walking all the way back and then all the way to the front again. I’ve mentioned previously that there are a hell of a lot of doors to open and close on a train. Consequently keys are rarely forgotten.

I took the smart option and left all the doors open to save a bit of time on the walk back. I got to the rear cab, set down my stuff and sure enough the electrics were still activated. Actually the train was still pissing air (a technical term) so I’d really done a poor job of shutting down. I set about doing it properly, put the missing key in my pocket and started walking back up the train.

I got about halfway when it occurred to me to wonder ‘What stuff?!’. I’d gone into the rear cab and set down my stuff? But hadn’t I already dumped my stuff up at the front? So WHAT stuff???! I patted my pockets in bewilderment and groaned. I only had two of my three keys.

Careful inspection revealed that I had left my door key in the cab. And then closed the door as I left. This proves…problematic.

The problem is not in gaining access to any cab. I could walk up to the front and drive the train because I left all the doors open and have my driving keys. Heck, there’s even a toolbox in there which contains spare keys for just this sort of situation. (Rather bizarrely it requires a door key to get it open so that was no go). I can even break my way into the rear cab by smashing the glass in the door and turning the latch. The problem lies here: If I do that then I have to tell somebody and then everybody will laugh at me. Especially when I have to relate how comes I managed to leave my door key in there in the first place. Clearly not an option!

I decided to hedge my bets. I went back to the front and drove down to the depot. So long as the train didn’t suddenly go defective and require me to open a door or panel to repair things I’d be ok. Which I was, I got safely into the depot and then whistled casually as I walked up the track to the rear of the train. I sincerely hope that nobody noticed as I climbed into the rear cab, grabbed my key and jumped straight back out. Cos it’d be embarrassing if anyone knew.


I have no idea what. Probably something about squid or postcards. The usual.