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Just imagine. You’re roller-coastering about town idly trying to work out the best way of doing air guitar whilst working and suddenly the radio crackles into life. Ah, the radio. Bringer of news. Announcer of tragedy, joy and occasionally bafflement. Such an important tool of my daily life and one I should be lost without. I swiftly pulled myself from my foolish daydreaming, sat up straight and paid attention to the important advice which was about to be dispensed by The Voices.

The Voices: Um…..


So that’s it then, is it? ‘Um’? Of all the things you could say on a global broadcast you choose to say ‘Um’ and then hang up? And this is supposed to somehow inspire in us confidence that somebody somewhere is in charge and knows what they are doing and that coincidentally that somebody is you?

Ur doin it rong.