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I’ve recently completed refresher training on rules and defect handling. This is something we do annually and although I’ve never had a refresher training which I’ve enjoyed (which is strange given that I always like initial training on stock) I do find it useful. Less so this year as training has been cut along with everything else so we didn’t get to spend much time on the important stuff. Instead we did lots of fluffy stuff like how to deal with shift work. Somebody remind me to do my money rant at some point soon.

As with all training sessions we are required to give answers to scenarios about the railway. Some people answer more accurately than others. And I certainly learned something new in one area. Apparently our emergency codes do not also include “Get that fucking train out of there”. No, not even on the Northern line. Somehow I’d become confused along the way…

(Also, we are not allowed to mock the Jubilee line for derailing trains in their own yard. Some trainers are *real* sticklers for the rules. 😉 ).