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Severe Delays: Oh hai!

Gloomy Signaller: Hello driver this is an exceedingly gloomy signaller. The train in front has an air defect. I want you to continue on one more station and remain there. Do not move until you receive further instructions, do you receive, over?

Severe Delays: Received, continue one station and await further instructions, over.

Gloomy Signaller: Out.


Severe Delays: Zoom zoom, tum te tum…wait…wut? AIR defect?!?!?! O_O

*Screeches into station and frantically starts flicking through instructions for coupling up to and pushing out a defective train*

(Thankfully the driver in front resolved his issues and I wasn’t obliged to try to blag doing something terribly complicated. On the plus side I did spend a useful five minutes working out the exact location of every switch, lever and pulley that I’d need to use in such a procedure).