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Today did not have an auspicious start. Whilst sleepily bumbling around at home at horrendous o’clock I turned the tap on too much and blasted myself with cold water. This led to me being much more awake and scrambling around to find some dry, clean uniform two minutes before I was due to leave. Fortunately nobody bats an eyelid if we don’t take our fleeces off all day so I didn’t have to find any ironed uniform!

Once at work I opened my flask of delicious, delicious coffee only to find I hadn’t properly twisted on the inside part and that it was not so hot as it could be. I’m not displeased by this as I later zoomed a train over rough track and glanced down to watch my coffee cup tumbling into my lap. *sigh* At least it wasn’t more than warm.

Still, I sulked my way through the day in a miasma of coffee-stink now doubly unable to take my fleece off. Until about midday when the sun came out and word of my unfortunate day had clearly got around. I trundled along to be met with hordes of grandparents on bridges who had all brought along toddlers to Wave at me. Thankyou, Londoners. There’s nothing quite like bridge after platform after staircase after side-street of Waving nippers to lift the spirits. 🙂