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Somewhere in the London Underground a train driven by your hero pulls gently into a platform.

Driver: Hello. *puzzled look*

Severe Delays: Hello, what are you doing here?

Driver: Waiting for my train. I thought it was this one…

Severe Delays: No, this is mine.

Driver: Oh.

Severe Delays: …

Driver: …

Severe Delays: …

Driver: You haven’t seen my train anywhere about have you? Only I was supposed to meet it here.

Severe Delays: *careful look* What does it look like?

Driver: Well it’s sort of like your one. It’s all red on the front.

Severe Delays: Nope, not seen it.

*signal clears*

Severe Delays: Wait…red on the front, you say?

Driver: Yes, did you see it? It’s very late.

Severe Delays: I think I saw one like that back there a bit. It was going the other way though.

Driver: 😦

Severe Delays: Well maybe it will decide to come back. Good luck with that!

Driver: Bye then.

Severe Delays: *drives off*