Look. Londoners. You’re doing it wrong!

As someone who drives now and again I feel I have a reasonably experienced perspective on the whole issue. And I have spent the last couple of days watching the fairly tragic attempts of Londoners to drive in snowy weather with exasperation. Seriously, you’re all doing it wrong.

Yes, you want to reduce your speed a bit. But there is no reason whatsoever to crawl along at 15mph. All that does is slow everyone else down. You caqn still get up some speed and travel safely. What’s more important is to be mindful of distances. I am astonished that people will clog up the road and crawl along yet still be only half a car length from the vehicle in front. If it’s slippery and you skid then you are going to hit the car in front even if you were going under 20. Tailgating in poor weather is stupid.

Instead, try dropping back a little. You don’t need to slow down much unless it’s very icy but you do need to have plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front. When you need to slow down you can do so slowly and smoothly and without skidding. Try to avoid jerky reactions too.

Yesterday I needed to travel by bus. We took a desperate amount of time to travel two miles because everyone in a car was trundling along very slowly one behind the other. Everyone went so slowly that I could have walked it quicker. I did contemplate getting off but it was cosy on the bus and there were no loonies in evidence so I figured I’d just put up with the trundling. But really people, there is no need for this level of delays.