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I have repeatedly said (although perhaps not on here) that the people on my line are all insane or on drugs or something. Frequently I do not understand what is going on and yet it somehow all works and usually works well. Long ago I resolved to never question it and just trundle off where they told me to. Someone else can keep an eye on the big picture. It’s easier that way.

Today, however, I believe we have reached the point where I’m going to have to start asking questions. I’ve been working out what question to ask and so far I’ve got “Um….excuse me…?”. After that it peters out a bit but you will understand why when I explain. Why am I wasting time prerambling and not explaining? Well…it’s difficult.

I think today I witnessed a new low in industrial relations being achieved. On the one side I had London Underground management (boo! hiss!) and on the other I had the ASLEF union (huzzah!). The point of view of the managers (boo! hiss!) was that I should be on strike while the union (huzzah!) felt that I shouldn’t (wait…wut?!). Possibly it’s less of a new low and more of a new sideways.

If you happened to read my blog from earlier in the month you’ll recall that I was sent on holiday and was due to return to work on the 26th December. Which was a day when there were no NR trains to bring me back to London and also the day on which ASLEF were having a strike. Now long before all the arguing started I had asked for the 26th and 27th as annual leave with my two spare days. I hadn’t heard anything so I spoke to a manager about it in November and he assured me that it would be fine and he’d process it himself. Except…

Except that Head Office decided a few weeks later that nobody was to get leave on the 26th as there was going to be a strike. The only problem is they decided this when I was already on holiday. Nobody at work bothered to phone and tell me about this because…well because I was away on holday, wasn’t I?! So now there is a strange situation where I have a manager is trying to gently lead me to consider being on strike and a union rep who agrees that I was on holiday and not striking. Like I say, a new sideways.

I’m not entirely sure how this is going to pan out. I suspect there will be some dark incantations muttered over the SAP demon and it will all go away. Although to get to that point there might have to be all sorts of negotiating and arguing and foot stomping. Hell, we might even go on strike over it. 😉