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Some days are slightly stranger than others. This was one of them.

I thought things had gone a bit odd when I noticed Scooby Doo ambling up the platform and into the first car of the train. He was followed by a gang of no-doubt pesky kids. This is an unusual sight for London, even on a weekend. So unusual that a driver walking up another platform came zipping over to tell me about it. Presumably in case I hadn’t spotted the seven foot great dane walking on its hind legs. Ho hum.

Then things got slightly more odd when not one but two passengers got off my train, ran up the platform, leapt into the air and clicked their heels together. These were completely different people, at different times and in different places. Unless Mary Poppins is in the area I can only assume it’s Spring madness. That or they’re all on scooby snacks.